Two more vendors offer Linux

Two OEM’s become the latest to offer consumers with an alternative to Microsoft Windows with the announcement of Acer laptop models that are now available with Linux preinstalled. While Acer has offered the Linux operating system for nearly two years now, two Singaporean retailers are offering these laptops for sale with different versions of Linux that they installed themselves as OEM products. Memory World is selling the Acer Aspire 5107Z notebook(see image) with an Intel 1.73 GHz Core 2 Duo, 1Gb DDRII RAM, an 80GB hard disk and a 15.4 in display with ubuntu Linux for around $660.00 (USD). D-Nexus is offering the Aspire 5107Z with half the RAM as the Memory World product with Linpus Basic Linux, a Taiwanese distribution.

One of the reps at Memory World told me that the sales of the units are fairly slow but not unexpected. He said that they are getting a lot of calls about ubuntu that indicate a considerable interest. “We feel that everybody has the right to know what’s new and what ubuntu can offer other than Microsoft Windows”, said the rep, “All I can say is ubuntu is worth trying and will not disappoint you.”

At the time of this post, we are awaiting comment from both one of the retailers and Acer.

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