What’s on your flash drive?

Flash on a cableSince it’s inception around 2000, the USB flash drive has become the ubiquitous portable mass storage device of choice for geeks and users, (at least “power” users), alike. They can be used to transport volumes of data away from your soon to be former employer (not recommended), store and run programs, run virus scans, you get the picture. They can even store a portable operating system for computer forensics, firewalls, or just for fun.

There are as many uses for these wonders of modern technology, as there are people who use them. I’ve got a puny 512MB flash drive on my key chain with various installation files on it that come in handy when I get to a clients office to fix what recently was broken. These files change, depending on need. There are, however, several programs on it that live there. I’ve got Firefox with a browser sync plugin so I can easily find internet resources when I am out and about. I have Filezilla installed on it as well, just in case I need to access an ftp server – point and click is quicker than typing from the CLI. If I do need shell access, I’ve got puTTY on it as well. Finally, I’ve got clamav with current virus patterns so I can boot from the drive and get a good, uninhibited scan of the offending hard disk(s). All of these programs are “special” just for portability – except for puTTY – it’s only 512K.

The question then, is: What is on your flash drive? Any unusual or unique ways that you use these drives? Plain and mundane is just fine too. What’s your favorite distro to boot? Just leave a short comment telling us what’s on your flash drive.

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