Sweet Irony

The BBC has an article today entitled Facebook ‘costs businesses dear’, about social network sites and how they effect worker productivity. “According to employment law firm Peninsula, 233 million hours are lost every month as a result of employees “wasting time” on social networking.” Resulting in £ 130m ($180m USD) a day in wasted pay. The irony? At the bottom of the article are links all of your favorite social bookmark sites – including Facebook. An article at gartnerwebdev.com from June of this year covers some of the other issues associated with inappropriate internet use in the workplace, and offers some easy suggestions as to what can be done about it. OpenDNS is a great place to start, for those wishing to block specific sites as well as content categories like porn and phishing. Unless your the IT guy, have a look at these articles and sites on your break.

KDE 4.0 Beta 2 release with Screenshot Nirvana!

Many of you know, KDE 4.0 was slated for release in late October but, I’ve been told today that the date may be bumped – I’ve been assured though that we will definitely be good to go so Santa can put an bright and new KDE 4.0 under your Christmas Tree (or whatever you want to put it under). UPDATE: RC1 is now scheduled for October 30th with a final release date of December 11th. The latest Beta – Beta 2 will hit the servers on Thursday, September 6 2007 (its available now), and brings the start of feature freezes for the final release. Head over to the KDE website and do your part as a Beta tester, or just have a look at the release notes if your not feeling particularly “testy” – there are a few more pics there too, by the way. Many of the Google Summer of Code projects have now been integrated, including improved Palm Pilot handling and bluetooth support, better blogging support, KRDC, the multi-protocol remote desktop client has been overhauled, and new and improved python support is being introduced as well. Here’s what’s been added to the Beta 2 codebase:

  • QImageBlitz, a library for graphical effects
  • XESAM support (XESAM is a cross-desktop standard for search queries) in strigi, the indexing framework
  • Support for different backends in the configuration system (makes it possible to add support for storing settings on remote machines, for example)
  • Search user interface improvements in kate, the advanced text editor
  • Usability improvements in Okular’s interface (okular is the universal document reader)

Sebastian Kügler of the KDE Team, was kind enough to put together a few screenshots for us – Thanks Sebas! Lets have a look:

KDE 4.0 Beta 2 Desktop Plasma
Desktop Plasma
KDE 4.0 Beta 2 Dolphin
gwenview image viewer

gwenview image viewer
krunner: system info
Marble: The World on your desktop.
Plasma Transparency
Plasma Transparency

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