KDE 4.0 Launch Mania!

Today is the day – I have left Wisconsin (USA) to travel all the way across the country to Mountain View California (USA) to attend what is sure to be a blast, as the KDE Team and Google host the the launch of KDE 4.0 at the Googleplex and the Wild Palms Hotel. I leave from the Milwaukee International Airport (it’s really called “General Mitchell”) to the Denver International Airport , and then on to the airport in San Jose, California.

I am really looking forward to speaking with KDE developers to find out what gives with KDE 4.0. When I booted the live kubuntu KDE 4.0 CD to test KDE 4.0, I was a bit disappointed by the seeming lack of granular customization that has been inherent in past versions. There are two explanations for this apparent dearth of configurability:

  1. The significant changes in the presentation of the new environment create a learning curve. The customization capabilities are there, I just don’t know where to find them through the GUI.
  2. The previous flexibility is not yet a part of the 4.0 version but will be forth coming in future minor versions and builds.

I’m really not sure which is the case so I won’t speculate, although I am partial to the learning curve. It’s not very often that a major version release looses previous functionality. The guys at KDE have proven to be quite sharp, as evidenced by some of the answers that I was given on the first day in. Stay tuned…

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