KDE 4.0 Launch event at Google Headquarters.

Mountain View, CA – On January 17th through the 19th, 2008, KDE and Google will be hosting a World Class launch event for for the latest, and what promises to be the greatest, dot oh release of the K Desktop Environment, KDE 4.0. The Googleplex will host several hundred visitors from around the world for what is sure to be a once in a lifetime event. Speakers include Chris DiBona, the Open Source Programs Manager at Google and Havaard Nord, co-founder and co-CEO of Trolltech, among many others from the open source and free software communities.

rackIT is fortunate enough to be your source from the scene with exclusive daily updates, interviews, and pictures from the 3 day event. Preliminary coverage begins on the 16th.

Code is prose: of open source and revolution

Chris DiBona, Google’s Open Source Program Manager, announced some time back that it (Google) is now a licensee of the Open Invention Network, an organization that wants open source developers to be able to focus on their craft without having to worry about getting sued. The OIN does this by acquiring patents, and then making them available, royalty free, to any entity; individual, institutional, or corporate, that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux system. This, in stark contrast to Microsoft’s recent approach to patent infringement deals with the likes of Novell and Linspire, the latter of which sealed it’s alienation from the Linux community for it’s seeming utter lack of backbone. While I appreciate a company like Microsoft wanting to protect it’s interests, it truly is a myopic perspective to not see beyond dollars and cents.

At the turn of the 19th century, grand inventions of mechanized wonder transformed much of the world through innovation and competition. While financial gain was the ultimate end for much of the industrial revolution, the spirit of creation transformed nations. This spirit is again being borne on the winds of change. Continue reading