Rock your desktop

Between BoF sessions, Sebastian Kügler of KDE took some time to answer my questions about the recent release of KDE 4.0, and some of the complaints currently making the rounds. Sebas gave me an inside look at some of the things that make this release so much different than previous versions, explaining the containment model that is being used (amongst other things) and, consequently, how easy it is to customize the look and feel of my desktop. We’ll have an in-depth treatment of this topic in the coming weeks. When you try KDE 4, remember that the same functionality and customization is there – as is much more. Be patient – the learning curve is not all that steep – and you’ll soon find your self saying things like “wow!”, and “that’s cool!” For a live CD with KDE 4.0, check out the iso on the kubuntu site. While KDE 4 may have some rough edges, the environment is definitely ready to rock your desktop.

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