Linux Screenshot of the day for 07/27/08 – Granular window properties with KDE kwin

I have a Dual Head set up for my main workstation. I like to have my programs open in the same place on all of that real-estate, and if I move a window, I like that to be remembered too. By right-clicking on most every title bar and selecting Advanced > Special Window Settings, I am presented with 5 tabs of settings – the Geometry tab is the one selected for this screenshot. I can apply this control to windows that meet a specific criteria, be it one window or many.

In addition to remembering the position of my window, I can pre-select a specific size, whether or not one, or both axes are maximized, and more. I can even tell it to remember what desktop it was opened on, which comes in handy for programs that are typically used for work only – then I can have them open on the “pay” desktop since I use KTimeTracker to keep track of project timing and auto desktop tracking.

This granular control also works with gtk (Gnome) programs too; in fact, this shot is from an Evolution window.

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