Free Font Friday for 07/25/08 – Over 800 fonts at your fingertips!

I installed some fonts the other day so I could have some unique options over the standard Windows fonts that most people have. I now have over 800 fonts, from the practical to the whimsical, at my disposable. I did limit my installation to Free Only fonts, so there are even more selections to those of you you care to install non-free fonts. Just search for fonts or ttf in your favorite package manager. Pictured is the KDE Font Installer manages this number of fonts with no problem. Another favorite font manager, if not just for it’s name, is Fonty Python – Bring out your fonts!

We’ll feature a new font with a waterfall pdf every Friday with links to download and more!

Linux Screenshot of the day for 07/24/08

This is the default view from my home directory (think “My Documents” on Windows) in Konqueror. I’m using The Reinhardt Icon Set (Official Thumbnails) for my system default – those are the nice mininmalist ones, with some more detailed icons from various other sets for a bit of contrast.

Linux Screenshot of the day for 07/22/08 – 24,958 software packages & counting.

“I’ve got 1949 programs installed today, and the potential to install 24958 others to fit most every need.”

This is some of the information available from the Adept Manager about software that I have installed on my system. Adept is a native kubuntu package manager via apt that is fairly idiot proof.