Top 5 Best Royalty Free Photograpy Sites – Captain Tangent’s Week Link Wednesday #14

Commercial Quality and Royalty Free at openphoto!

Commercial Quality and Royalty Free at openphoto!

This week, I want to point out some really good royalty free stock photography and texture sites. Free as in no registration or subscription fees. Free as in free beer in fact. Not much banter this week, sorry – let’s just get right to the list. Shall we?

Number 5: Easy Elements Paper Textures has a nice small collection of high resolution paper textures and card stock – a great place to get elements for those “scrappy” layouts

Number 4: The Library of Congress’ photostream on flickr with over 5000 photos to chose from, mostly vintage, you are likely to find something interesting for that unique design.

Number 3: The openphoto Project has tens of thousands of quality images with various licensing models in place, depending on the contributor. With categories like Macro, Nature, Landscapes, Colors, and more, whether you design web sites, print materials, UI’s, or desktop themes, you’re sure to find just the right shot on openphoto. Continue reading

jQuery UI Tabber & the Search for Cross Browser Compatibility

One of the sites that I work on for my wife, One of a Kind Wisconsin is a WordPress site. About a year ago, she got a new template with a javascript tabber on the front page. Nothing fancy, just click the tab to reveal a different article. After we started adding widgets (WordPress widgets, not JS library widgets) and affiliate links the tabber started to slow in loading… it got so slow in fact, that I put a spinner animation in so folks at least knew something was happening.

Well, we all know that most people have little patience when it comes to content loading speed, and this tabber did not degrade gracefully for non-javascript users either – so it was a good excuse to do something different.
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Vintage Hardware: The Quantum Bigfoot TS 5.25 Series circa 1998

This baby is high tech!

This baby is high tech!

Back in the day, Quantum came out with their innovative Bigfoot drive series. We used to make fun of them because of their size and speed, but there was a method to the madness – I’m not sure what this method was, but I’m sure the good folks at Quantum had one. This particular model has a 19.2 GB capacity, which, in 1998 was huge. With an average 7.7 MB/sec throughput on NTFS, 4000 RPM, a 10.5 ms seek time, and a 512 KB buffer, these were some sweet drives for the price – around $400.00… my how times have changed. Long Live Moore’s Law!

Have a look at this period review on for more about this drive as well as comparisons with other drives. Apparently, the 19.2 GB Quantum Bigfoot was the largest capacity drive to be in their testbeds at the time the review was written.

Captain Tangent’s Week Link Wednesday #13

Week Link WednesdayIt’s time again for another installment of Week Link Wednesday. It’s really the first installment of Week Link Wednesday, since the post used to be on Friday – Friday now features “Free Font Friday“. This change of days occurred mainly for the opportunity to use alliteration twice weekly. As a rule, alliteration almost always annoys.

So, once again, I’ve scoured my imense and ever-dynamic bookmark collection to bring you a few tidbits of the internet that you may not have been aware of. StumbleUpon is better suited to charting previously unknown-to-you parts of the web, but the tangential banter and stellar wit (not to mention the driest of sarcasm) is only available here. Continue reading