Captain Tangent’s Week Link Wednesday #13

Week Link WednesdayIt’s time again for another installment of Week Link Wednesday. It’s really the first installment of Week Link Wednesday, since the post used to be on Friday – Friday now features “Free Font Friday“. This change of days occurred mainly for the opportunity to use alliteration twice weekly. As a rule, alliteration almost always annoys.

So, once again, I’ve scoured my imense and ever-dynamic bookmark collection to bring you a few tidbits of the internet that you may not have been aware of. StumbleUpon is better suited to charting previously unknown-to-you parts of the web, but the tangential banter and stellar wit (not to mention the driest of sarcasm) is only available here.

First off, we have SpiekerBlog; the blog of Erik Spiekermann, an IA, type designer (FF Meta, FF MetaSerif, ITC Officina, etc.), and author. He’s also the guy responsible for The Economist magazine redesign in 2001. Erik writes engaging social & lifestyle commentary and offers his insights into the world through the eyes of a talented typographer. If you don’t like the English version, you can read it in Deutsch instead. Even if you don’t read/speak German, it’s worth a look as some the content is different from the English site – yeah, pictures too.

Next up is the Flickr Anaglyph pool. With over 10,000 images, it’s a great place to find some sweet red/cyan 3D images. – you’ve got to have the glasses though. We got a bunch of free Hannah Montana ones from Wal-Mart a few months ago and discovered all kinds of cool stuff to see on the internet. Haven’t seen Hannah Montana through any of them though – come to think of it, we haven’t seen that show without the 3D glasses, but I digress. There are some good ones of Mars (the planet) too – you have the illusion of seeming to be able to reach in to your monitor and touch the surface of Mars.

Finally, something for the designer: The GIMP Plugin Registry has script-fu “the likes of which even God has never seen” (props to Usul & Stilgar). I really like the Silicosaur PhotoFX script. It adds some nice classic film effects to your digital photos to make them look warmer & more, well, filmy.

Until next week, Cheers!

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