KDE 4.1 Release

The KDE Community has announced the latest release of KDE 4.x to hit the streets, KDE 4.1 Plagued with a Vista-esque, lukewarm response, as was 4.0, the code is finally emerging, as planned, from it’s previous near alpha condition to the full featured KDE that we all know and love. I’m not saying that the 3.5.x purists are going to rush out tomorrow and upgrade their systems, but KDE 4.1 does go aways at greasing some of the more squeaky wheels in the series.

I’m a big PIM guy. I like to have multiple email accounts and profiles in one place. The KDE-PIM is actually a suite of standalone Personal Information Management tools all brought together under one roof. This release of KDE-PIM is an excellent showcase for the feature-rich experience that KDE 4.x promises. Here’s more:

  • KDE-PIM is back with 4.1, containing the applications
    necessary for your personal information and communication. KMail as
    mail client, KOrganizer as planning component, Akregator as RSS feed
    reader and others are now available again in KDE 4 look.
  • Dragon Player, an easy to use video player enters the stage
  • Okteta is the new well-integrated and feature-rich hexeditor

  • Step, the physics emulator makes learning physics fun and easy
  • KSystemLog, helps you keep track of what is going on in your system
  • New games such as KDiamond (a bejeweled clone), Kollision, KBreakOut
    and Kubrick make taking a break from your work irresistible
  • Lokalize, helps translators to make KDE4 available in your language
    (if it’s not among the 50-odd languages KDE4 already supports)
  • KSCD, your desktop CD player has been resurrected

You can also view the Offical Release here.


Linux Screenshot of the day for 07/27/08 – Granular window properties with KDE kwin

I have a Dual Head set up for my main workstation. I like to have my programs open in the same place on all of that real-estate, and if I move a window, I like that to be remembered too. By right-clicking on most every title bar and selecting Advanced > Special Window Settings, I am presented with 5 tabs of settings – the Geometry tab is the one selected for this screenshot. I can apply this control to windows that meet a specific criteria, be it one window or many.

In addition to remembering the position of my window, I can pre-select a specific size, whether or not one, or both axes are maximized, and more. I can even tell it to remember what desktop it was opened on, which comes in handy for programs that are typically used for work only – then I can have them open on the “pay” desktop since I use KTimeTracker to keep track of project timing and auto desktop tracking.

This granular control also works with gtk (Gnome) programs too; in fact, this shot is from an Evolution window.

Free Font Friday for 07/25/08 – Over 800 fonts at your fingertips!

I installed some fonts the other day so I could have some unique options over the standard Windows fonts that most people have. I now have over 800 fonts, from the practical to the whimsical, at my disposable. I did limit my installation to Free Only fonts, so there are even more selections to those of you you care to install non-free fonts. Just search for fonts or ttf in your favorite package manager. Pictured is the KDE Font Installer manages this number of fonts with no problem. Another favorite font manager, if not just for it’s name, is Fonty Python – Bring out your fonts!

We’ll feature a new font with a waterfall pdf every Friday with links to download and more!

It’s all about community

Everyone knows that the obvious difference between proprietary software and free software is the licensing model. What few people know is that free software’s biggest strength is the people that are drawn together to make up a community that is incredibly powerful. I saw this power first-hand in Mountain View, CA, USA at the KDE 4.0 release event. If you use Gnome, XFCE, or even Microsoft Windows, put your bias aside. This is about the community of free software, and to a lesser extent, some of the individuals that make free software what it is – not just KDE.

From across the globe they came; these developers and artists and marketing folks (how else do you get the word out about your product), end-users, and enthusiasts alike. Educators and academics, business executives, students, consultants, scientists, system administrators and more were there as well- for they are one-in-the-same, and all come with an equal voice. Many, having worked together for years, met for the first time face to face, often introducing themselves by IRC nick to one another. Never have I been in a room with such intellectual power all woven together by real humility and a common cause- a truly incredible group. Continue reading