Captain Tangent’s Friday link post for 12/28/07

Week Link WednesdayAfter a brief hiatus, Captain Tangent is back with more useful/less links for your clicking pleasure.

This week, I want to start with a dilemma (one of several) of the web developer: None of my clients want their site to look like other sites that I’ve done – go figure. Nice looking color schemes are one aspect of this and there are several tools to assist. Online, there is the ColorSchemer. This is probably my favorite tool for color schemes. Just enter a hex or an RGB color value, and your off and running. For you Linux users out there, there is a package called Agave. They say that it is for the Gnome desktop, but it works just fine on my KDE desktop as well – obviously, you’ll need to have the Gnome libraries installed. Just look for Agave in your favorite package manager.

Every now and again, while browsing the internet, I come across a clever 404 error. Some are funny, some are scary, and some are just plain stupid. The good people at the 404 Research Lab have done a bang-up job of finding some of the more entertaining and unique errors. Yeah! A whole site dedicated to not finding what your looking for – now that’s geeky!

Everyone wants ajax these days – it looks great and can significantly enhance the usability of your web-based applications. Now there is no point in reinventing the wheel every time you need a feature or some sort of functionality for your apps. Head over to mini ajax for loads of code and ajax “applets”.

Finally, a shout to Wayne over at fsckin w/ linux – congrats on the success of your site – may it continue into the new year! I have traffic envy. Have a look at Wayne’s article Top Linux Headlines of 2007 – A Year In Review . It’s a brief article with links to some of the more interesting stories from the Linux world from this past year.