Week Link Wednesday #15 – a Day Late & a Dollar Short

Week Link Wednesday Well, another week almost done! Nothing special planned for the Easter weekend – just hanging out with my family – which is my favorite thing to do. So let’s get down to business:

Do you ever need an old version of software but can find it anymore? I’ve run into that issue a few times and discovered that the site OldVersion.com is indespensible. They’ve got tons of different versions of many, many programs from media players and graphics to security and utilities.

Next up is a bit of nerd humor: XKCD – the self described “…webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” The site contains adult language so it is not suitable for kids. Here’s a sample: Continue reading

jQuery UI Tabber & the Search for Cross Browser Compatibility

One of the sites that I work on for my wife, One of a Kind Wisconsin is a WordPress site. About a year ago, she got a new template with a javascript tabber on the front page. Nothing fancy, just click the tab to reveal a different article. After we started adding widgets (WordPress widgets, not JS library widgets) and affiliate links the tabber started to slow in loading… it got so slow in fact, that I put a spinner animation in so folks at least knew something was happening.

Well, we all know that most people have little patience when it comes to content loading speed, and this tabber did not degrade gracefully for non-javascript users either – so it was a good excuse to do something different.
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Gmail, Talk, IMAP and your business: Transparent communication done right.

Having secure and universal access to seamless and synchronized data like email, contact lists, and calendars is one of the dilemmas of the small business, or anyone else who needs to stay connected. Google now hosts domain email under it’s Google Apps brand. In addition to secure pop3 access, I can also use the IMAP service so no matter if I get my mail on my Linux box, online, or on my Windows box, all 6 GB of email storage is at my finger tips. As a bonus, I have access to chat and chat logs and VoIP through Google Talk, a Jabber based IM network. I can even upload and access files on gmail through programs like GmailFS. There are packages for the GmailFS available in many different Linux distros including Debian (ubuntu), I’m not sure about Windows tools that do the same thing but there are web-based and therefore, cross-platform applications like php Gmail Drive that work fine. While they may have some minor issues as far as account/feature integration, and a seamless online experience are concerned, Google has always done search and email right, so it’s very easy to find one email or thread from thousands, and thousands of messages. Eventually, their GrandCentral acquisition should be integrated into the whole thing, providing SMS and Voice Messaging on top of it all. For now though, you can access your email from any mobile phone with internet.

I used to manage the mail server for gartnerwebdev.com, luckeycat.com, oneofakindwis.com, and a few others in-house using postfix, spamassassin, clamav and amavisd. With all of that control, I was reluctant, to say the least, to make the switch. We were quickly outgrowing our resources though, so I made the leap. The 8 or so email accounts and 40 odd aliases migrated with out too much hassle. The free version comes with more users and multiple domains than we will likely ever use. Google also has an Apps product aimed at the enterprise in case the standard edition just doesn’t cut it for you.