Linux Screenshot of the day for 08/08/08 – Strigi The Storage Glutton

Strigi The Storage Glutton

Strigi The Storage Glutton

I like to be able to search for stuff on my computer – who doesn’t? Well , I don’t enjoy searching, but I do want the ability to do so in case I loose track of something in the perfect hierarchical world that is my directory tree. From the CLI, one can invoke various search commands to do the dirty work. Even ls can find stuff for you if you grep it right. But, alas; search for me is better suited to the gui, so about two weeks ago, I got the strigi daemon indexing so I can actually do the aforementioned searches – after just a bit of drive crawling, I could find media, email messages, etc., as expected. I had some problems displaying found items when clicking on the links to them in the search results data, but at least I could see where the items are and so just go to them manually. Out of the box, strigi seemed to be working fine.

Now, I’ve got around 500GB of disk space between 4 drives with more than half of that currently free. My root partition is mounted on a 30GB disk and then media and other data are stored on other larger disks. 30GB for / is plenty of room, or so I thought. Last week I started getting error messages that my home directory was running out of free space. I dumped the trash, cleaned up some temp files, and figured that would be the end of it. The message popped up again a few more times telling me that I was quickly running out of free space, so I decided to see what was eating a drive that should be more than adequate for my root partition. Continue reading

Linux Screenshot of the day for 07/27/08 – Granular window properties with KDE kwin

I have a Dual Head set up for my main workstation. I like to have my programs open in the same place on all of that real-estate, and if I move a window, I like that to be remembered too. By right-clicking on most every title bar and selecting Advanced > Special Window Settings, I am presented with 5 tabs of settings – the Geometry tab is the one selected for this screenshot. I can apply this control to windows that meet a specific criteria, be it one window or many.

In addition to remembering the position of my window, I can pre-select a specific size, whether or not one, or both axes are maximized, and more. I can even tell it to remember what desktop it was opened on, which comes in handy for programs that are typically used for work only – then I can have them open on the “pay” desktop since I use KTimeTracker to keep track of project timing and auto desktop tracking.

This granular control also works with gtk (Gnome) programs too; in fact, this shot is from an Evolution window.

Linux Screenshot of the day for 07/24/08

This is the default view from my home directory (think “My Documents” on Windows) in Konqueror. I’m using The Reinhardt Icon Set (Official Thumbnails) for my system default – those are the nice mininmalist ones, with some more detailed icons from various other sets for a bit of contrast.