KDE 4.1 Release

The KDE Community has announced the latest release of KDE 4.x to hit the streets, KDE 4.1 Plagued with a Vista-esque, lukewarm response, as was 4.0, the code is finally emerging, as planned, from it’s previous near alpha condition to the full featured KDE that we all know and love. I’m not saying that the 3.5.x purists are going to rush out tomorrow and upgrade their systems, but KDE 4.1 does go aways at greasing some of the more squeaky wheels in the series.

I’m a big PIM guy. I like to have multiple email accounts and profiles in one place. The KDE-PIM is actually a suite of standalone Personal Information Management tools all brought together under one roof. This release of KDE-PIM is an excellent showcase for the feature-rich experience that KDE 4.x promises. Here’s more:

  • KDE-PIM is back with 4.1, containing the applications
    necessary for your personal information and communication. KMail as
    mail client, KOrganizer as planning component, Akregator as RSS feed
    reader and others are now available again in KDE 4 look.
  • Dragon Player, an easy to use video player enters the stage
  • Okteta is the new well-integrated and feature-rich hexeditor

  • Step, the physics emulator makes learning physics fun and easy
  • KSystemLog, helps you keep track of what is going on in your system
  • New games such as KDiamond (a bejeweled clone), Kollision, KBreakOut
    and Kubrick make taking a break from your work irresistible
  • Lokalize, helps translators to make KDE4 available in your language
    (if it’s not among the 50-odd languages KDE4 already supports)
  • KSCD, your desktop CD player has been resurrected

You can also view the Offical Release here.