Linux Screenshot of the day for 07/30/08 – Quanta Plus: Industrial Strength Development!

Quanta Plus is a highly stable and feature rich web development environment.”, at least that’s what their website says. I use Quanta Plus everyday in the course of my work duties and I can tell you that it is all of that, and a bag of chips. I was a bit concerned when I migrated from Windows and Dreamweaver that I wouldn’t have all of the features that I had come know and love, but those fears were soon waylaid. All that was missing was the “Wizards” to help connect to databases, and the mouse-over link scripts. Losing the Wizards was not a bad thing. I’m of the opinion that If you don’t understand the basic syntax of a db connection string, you have no business with your nose in the source code anyway.

In addition to things like syntax highlighting for over 100 file formats and ftp connectivity, I get powerful tools like multi-file/multi-directory search and replace, an imagemap editor, a spell check that is smart enough to distinguish between code and copy, file comparison, cvs integration, degugging console, customizable tool bars and menus, and the list goes on. Quanta Plus does what I need it to do every day. I feel safe again without my Dreamweaver security blanket. Did I mention link checking and HTML tools?