Captain Tangent’s Friday link post for 08/17/07

The links that bind.In the tradition of great bloggers everywhere, I present the first installment of the Friday link love post, although, it doesn’t really qualify as “love” because many of the links are not to other blogs, unless I run across something that I particularly thought appropriate. So, on with it:

  1. Feed your inner sysadmin with The Unix Review. Shell Scripts, Forensics, Tool Reviews, and a particularly nerdy Regular Expression column. The content is a bit stale but still; loads of good information for noobs’ and not-so-noobs’ alike.
  2. You won’t find Muad’Dib and Gurney Hallack looking for worm sign, but you will see all kinds of honeynet, firewall, virus, and, yes, worm sign at ARAKIS, a site run by CERT Polska. BTW: I do know that the Arrakis of Paul Atreides is spelled differently, but who could resist such a reference?
  3. Since I’m on the subject, an excellent glossary for all things Dune is available for the clicking. The rest of Paul Baker’s site is pretty good as well. – Captain Tangent strikes again!
  4. RRDTool or the Round Robin Data Tool makes for some pretty interesting data graphing potential. Programs like smokeping and some of the graphs at ARAKIS are generated using this very flexible and highly customizable GPL package. If anything, check the gallery for all kinds of nifty ideas; from environmental monitoring to Season’s Greeting’s – Ho, Ho, Ho!
  5. We all like Free Software and Open Source because of the quality and principals behind the development. How about a free education? MIT – that’s the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – offers the MIT OpenCourseWare program that allows you to audit (that is take for no grade or credit), hundreds of courses from, well, MIT. Topics like; Prototyping Avionics, Technology, Law, and the Working Environment, Fourier Analysis – Theory and Applications, Statistical Thermodynamics of Complex Liquids, and less practical courses like Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager, and Competitive Decision-Making and Negotiation are there for the taking.
  6. Enough with the trivial topics: get fragged on *nix and Windows alike in OpenArena. An open source (GPL) Quake III Arena clone. You can play with yourself (the game), with AI, and with real people over LAN and WAN. Watch out for Vlad though – he’s a pretty tough character!

Check back next week as I continue to unearth forgotten treasures from my bookmarks. We will certainly discover the reason that some of them were forgotten!