Who is this guy?

Jerry M. Gartner ca. 2009

Jerry Gartner is a Co-founder of Gartner Web Development, LLC: I’ve been working in the computer field since 1989 when a 386 with a 40 MB hard drive and 1 MB of memory was a hot setup (that’s 40 megabytes, in case you missed it). In the past, I’ve sat on an IT Curriculum Advisory Panel for Milwaukee Area Technical College and I still enjoy nothing more than sharing my passion for all things free and IT with students in the S.A.L.S.A. and Sheboygan Area School District by participating in several events per year aimed at getting high school students engaged in career exploration. Areas of expertise include free, open source , and proprietary server/workstation platforms, web development technologies and, a wide variety of hardware/peripheral devicces.

I currently working with One of a Kind Wisconsin LLC. doing product shots, and research for this growing online retail joint. I am also responsible for maintaining several niche websites for the company. Life is good! Additionally, I provide IT consulting, system administration, and web development for small to medium sized businesses.

I have not used a Windows or Mac (or anything other than Linux) based system for day-to-day functionality since early 2006. I have had no more compatibility issues, when someone from the “Windows World” sends me an email, than I did when using Microsoft Windows. Not using Microsoft Windows, or any Microsoft product has certainly not diminished my ability to get my job done – in fact, I work much more efficiently as a result of being able to customize my user environment to suit just exactly how I work.

The Workstation:

  • Intel Pentium D 3.00GHz
  • 1Gb (2 512Mb Dual in Channel Mode) RAM
  • ATI Rage graphics running a dual head set-up
  • 4 Hard drives totaling 0.5TB (That’s 500GB) of storage – kinda old-school, I know.
  • Kubuntu Hardy with all the latest patches (KDE 3.5.9)
  • Although I use KDE for my window manager, I do use a variety of software native to KDE, native to Gnome, or native to neither.

The workstation is ideal for my work as a web developer and systems administrator, the resources (i.e. processor speed, RAM) of which are just fine for this functionality. The Linux Kernel supports much higher-end hardware than this, for both desktop and server applications, keeping gamers, engineers, and sysadmins everywhere happy!

The Laptop:

  • OpenSUSE 11.1 (KDE 4.x rocks!)
  • Details to come…

The Kids (Pre-school through High School) System:

  • Kubuntu Hardy Heron
  • Details to come…

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